Lee Yoke Yin

Financial Consultant

Lee Yoke Yin

Financial Consultant

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If you want to have peace of mind, hope, happiness and financial freedom, I work with people who want the same.

As my client, you can be assured that you are well protected and I will walk this financial journey together with you to achieve your financial goals.

My Core Expertise:
1) Insurance Planning
2) Dreams Planning
3) Estate Planning
4) Business Owner Planning
5) Employee Benefits Plannning

"Set Your Priorities Right from the Start"

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    • Prudential Assurance Singapore Pte Ltd
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      Associate Financial Consultant

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Testimonials & Referral Notes

The Agent You Can Trust

Sat Sep 30 2017

Hi Friends,

I happened to be one of Yoke Yin's early client, as I got to know her when she was just starting out. The main reason I bought various policies from her is her professionalism and most importantly her plain honesty.
There was an event that I needed to make claims and she immediately extended her undivided attention in making sure that my claim would be a breeze, and a breeze it was.
So if you are considering or have any doubts on insurance and personal planning, do give her a call and you will know you are in good hands.

Adrian Ling Swee Leong
Client since 2012

No-Frills Honest and Professional Consultant

Sun Oct 08 2017

Hi All,

Me and hubby got to know Yoke Yin during an overseas trip with a charity organisation. It was then that we learnt Yoke Yin was in the field of what most layperson will call "insurance". But of course it was more than just 'insurance', but all about 'financial planning and consultancy'.

As i have yet to have any insurance policy to my name, we decided to hear from Yoke Yin what's out there that's available and suitable for my needs.

Yoke Yin was able to share with us what's available and what will be suitable and share it in ways that is easy to understand, not just using those 'deep financial lingo' which might be alien language to the not-so-savvy.

After the initial policies signed-up through Yoke Yin, that's not the end of it. Yoke Yin kept us updated when new products which may be beneficial for us became available. That's what i call great aftersales service, not the 'sell-and-bye' kind.

If anyone needs advice or just a basic intro on financial planning, you know you can look for Yoke Yin and get no-frills honest and professional advice. Approach Yoke Yin with confidence.

Ly Thi Minh Nhi
Client since 2015

Humble and Helpful Consultant

Sun Oct 08 2017

Hi There,

Few years back, I would always receive calls and offers on insurance plans which I've always rejected. But Yoke Yin's approach was different. She wasn't too forceful to sign me up on any plan but instead she made me understood the importance of an insurance coverage. She was able to provide me all the details I needed and patiently explained to me on the policy, plans and benefits transparently.

I would definitely recommend anyone to her because throughout the years I've know her, I know that she is sincere in her job. Humble character, wasn't too interested if I would sign up for a plan, but felt that "concern" when she explained to me.

When I was hospitalised, she called to check if I'm fine and she was very helpful in my claims when I had some issues with it.

Yearly I would receive birthday card from her. The little things which made me happy. Definitely appreciate her time and effort for being very helpful.

Thanks Yoke Yin :)

Best Wishes,,
Sivaprakash S/O Mailravanan
Client since 2015

An Attentive and Dedicated Consultant

Sat Oct 14 2017

Good day!

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation at how hard you worked to find me an insurance policy. It was not an easy and take long time but you never gave up and I am so grateful. Though I have raised many questions but you managed to immediately address them all.

A great thanks to you who has been very attentive and very professional throughout the process. You have continuously giving advises and introducing a new product that cater the needs of your clients.

I believed that building confident relationship with your client is more important which I found in you. Keep it up and you will be more successful in your career..

You also showed your dedication to me that even during my birthday you always remember to send a birthday card. You let me feel that I am not only a client but also a friend.

Thank you and may God be with you always.

Gina Mayamaya Bunoan
Client since 2013


Sat Oct 14 2017





Helpful and Prompt Consultant

Tue Oct 17 2017

Thank you for your extremely helpful, communicative and prompt advices.

You really have impressed me. It would be my absolute pleasure to recommend your services to others.

Thank you again.

Tan Bee Eng
Client Since 2013

A Consultant Who Customize Your Portfolio

Fri Oct 20 2017

Hi Friends,

I got to know Yoke Yin a few years back. She introduced herself and told me to give her a chance to talk about financial planning for me and my wife.

My first impression of her is she is pleasant and nice, not very aggressive in pushing policies.

She understood what we have and from there, recommended suitable policies for us based on our budget. We subsequently bought policies to cover for our hospitalization expenses and for our retirement planning.

As years go by, we had a couple of incidents to claim for hospitalization and Yoke Yin is very prompt in her service and we got the cheque in a short matter of time.

We are now good friends and we are confident in her professionalism. If you are looking for a financial consultant, we will definitely recommend her.

Warmest Regards,
Mr and Mrs Don Gabriel Rohantha Thomas
Client since 2013

Put Client's Interest At Best

Mon Nov 06 2017

Hi Friends,

I would like to express my appreciation for the professionalism and hardwork that Yoke Yin had given to my family for the past 2 years. She has been always a good listener and able to understand what a customer need. The way she interacts, communicate really making us feel comfortable and it really a nice experience.

I am also particularly grateful Yoke Yin for being so patient to explain the pros and cons of every insurance policy and always advise on how to better manage my insurance portfolio. From time to time, she will always keep me posted on the latest financial news or articles.

Hence, should anyone looking for a financial consultant, I would strongly recommend Yoke Yin as she is someone who will definitely put your interests at best.

Thanks :-)

Vincent Loy Chee Hoon
Client since 2016

My Fantastic Personal Insurance Agent!

Wed Jan 03 2018

Hi Everybody,

Yoke Yin gave the most appropriate and essential advice. She is patient and kind and responsible. I am glad to meet her when I first came here.

It is a pleasant experience to talk to her and insurance really make life easy if anything bad happen.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr Zhang Li
Client since 2015

Professional and Experience Agent

Wed Jan 31 2018

I haven’t known Yoke Yin very long. The first time we met was when I approached her to help me with a survey and we ended up exchanging contacts. I’ve been approached by other agents before, and am usually not fully convinced.

Yoke Yin’s professionalism and experience however was very reassuring. Adding to that, she was not pushy, which gave me more confidence in signing with her. The service she has provided is excellent thus far and I believe I can count on her for more of my financial needs in the years to come.

Thanks Yoke Yin!

Omar Julius A Hamid
Client since 2017

Tue Sep 04 2018

I get to know this person while doing roadshow. Very happy and surprised that he message me this =)

Yoke Yin

A Trusted Financial Consultant

Wed Jan 09 2019

Hi Friends,

Bought Prudential medical insurance since 2014 from Yoke Yin. As a foreigner residing in a place out of my country, I need someway to make myself feel safe, which is, to be prepared for something bad, 未雨綢繆.
Fortunately I met Yoke Yin and she did a good job in explaining what the coverage is about and I got my medical coverage from her.
It’s been four years already, and I’m lucky that I never had any medical insurance claims, which I believe nobody wanted to. But with this protection, I can easily live and work here with no 後顧之憂.

Really recommended, 值得擁有!

Dr Zhang Wei
Client since 2014